Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3D Illustration AXE Project

Here's a sequence of images for the a project I have been working over the past months. It's for a large 3d Illustration project made up of 12 life sized grizzly bears made up as pirates. I was tasked with making an axe for the lead bear Blackbeard.

(Side note: Nathan Deshone's assistance on this project was greatly appreciated, he designed the logo for the axe and assisted through-out the whole process. Thanks Nate!)

First off I sketched up a design for the profile of the axe. I then took hard foam and cut and chiseled out a base shape. Then I use Accuforms and refined the shape of the blade and handle holder.

Next, as you see in the image below I used a Dremel tool with a router attachment to cut out the recessed area where the logo and detail would go. The logo was designed by another student who assisted me on the project.

Next I pressed Plasticine clay into the recessed areas and carved out detail.

Next the whole axe head was covered in hard resin(plastic) then painted with several coats of paint to resemble battle damaged metal.

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