Monday, March 31, 2008

Background mountain plate

Alrighty, starting to work on the backgrounds for the Expulsion project. I now have 5 weeks to finish the project so my production schedule goes like this.

Week of March 31: Right side background/middle ground plates
Week of April 7: Left side background/middle ground plates
April 14- 28: All foreground elements and animation
April 28 - May 05: Finishing/compositing. Sometime in there I have to shoot the live action Adam/Eve

So that's the low down folks. Here is an image of a element i finished today. The first image shows you the element in the painting, the second is the element I made. This will be the format from here on.

One final note: Instructors please post comments. Any suggestions at all are helpful!

Monday, March 10, 2008

tree animation

Switching gears from particles to something else. I'm doing some tests on animation of the trees across the bridge. Done using Paint FX. I think the tree needs to have more weight so i'm working around that. I still need to figure out how to have particles be emitted from the tree itself, which I think might have to be done in After Effects.